Workplace Health & Safety Training in Inglewood, California

Prepare your employees for emergencies with workplace health and safety training from our center in Los Angeles, California. At Prepare Emergency Training Services, we instruct you in the proper safety procedures.

Workplace Health & Safety – Cal/OSHA Compliance

Almost all regulations require employers to train their employees. We help you learn what you must do, how to make it effective, and how it must be documented for Cal/OSHA.

Our comprehensive programs, including evidence-based instructions and hands-on training, enable everyone affected to cope successfully with emergencies and disasters. This training helps prevent injury and loss of life. During the course, you will learn:

  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Safe Work Practices & Personal Protective Equipment
  • General Physical Work Areas & Work Surfaces
  • Providing General & Job Specific Training
  • Fire Prevention Plan
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Hazard Communication

We also offer the American Heart Association, 15-hour California child care course that includes:

  • Infant & Child First Aid
  • Infant & Child CPR
  • Preventing Childhood Injuries
  • Preventing Infectious Diseases

Emergency Response

The world has changed since 9-11-01. Everyone has a heightened sense of security and concern for safety. As such, Prepare Emergency Training Services also offers emergency response for workplace-designated personnel to respond to a variety of emergencies, i.e., power failures, terrorist threats, earthquakes, workplace violence, and fire.

Non-violent Crisis Intervention

This is a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to help human service professionals provide the best possible care, welfare, safety, and security of disruptive, assaultive, and out-of-control individuals, even during their most violent moments. This course is intended for nurses, EMTs, hospital workers, social workers, businesses, and customer service department staff.

Safety Training Center | Los Angeles, California

CHSP (Certified Healthcare Safety Professional)

Authorized Training Center for American Heart Association.
On-Site Training Available for Eight or More Participants

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