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Prepare Emergency Training Services (PREPARE)


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Every year people worldwide face some sort of disaster, such as a fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, floods, power failure or toxic spill. An unfortunate reality of the times we live in predisposes all of us to terrorist attacks or bomb threats. The real tragedy about these emergencies is that, in most cases, human suffering could have been reduced by adequate emergency preparedness, the type of professional emergency training which PREPARE is now making available.

PREPARE provides emergency training, including Health and Safety Workshops, C.P.R., First Aid, and Disaster Preparedness which includes survival products. The professionals at PREPARE will structure a customized emergency preparedness plan, with procedures recommended for both before and after an emergency. The programs are comprehensive, including instructions and hands on training enabling everyone affected to cope successfully with disasters, reducing injury and loss of life.
PREPARE’s training is available for the individual, groups, businesses and corporations. City, county, state and federal agencies are all within the scope of PREPARE consultant services.

The value of this type of training cannot be overestimated. Don’t allow disasters or emergencies to catch you or your organization un-PREPAREd. The training for all emergencies, which PREPARE can offer, could save untold amounts of suffering and needless expense.  The safety motto of the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, best expresses the professional attitude at PREPARE. Enclosed is a flyer complete with an introductory offer and price schedule. We recommend that you call the professionals at PREPARE today.

Genuinely at your service,

Alvin L. Askew