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CHSP (Certified Healthcare Safety Professional)

Authorized Training Center for American Heart Association.
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Owner and Director of Training, Alvin Askew, founded Prepare Emergency Training Services in 1986. Mr. Askew started the business because of his 16 years of paramedical work experience and having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Safety from the University of New Mexico.

He felt he could provide a necessary training service to foster a greater awareness level for individual emergency response. The idea was to make CPR and first aid along with disaster preparedness training available from professional trainers, to raise the awareness level of lay people, allowing them to see that they could make a difference.

Initially, the operation functioned from Mr. Askew’s home in Anaheim, California. First aid training and certification in addition to CPR was the only training done at the facility. In 1988, Mr. Askew moved to Los Angeles in an effort to increase his customer base.

He was joined by his wife, Lawren, who is an RN, BSN, PHN, MSN, and PHN, with 20 years of experience in prenatal exposed and child-family care advocate consultancy. In early 1990, the training was complemented by adding related product lines from distribution relationships with local suppliers of survival and first aid supplies, as well as food and water with a five-year shelf life.

The need grew greater for a way to showcase these products. In June of 1991, a storefront was opened at 3882 Crenshaw Boulevard in the Crenshaw Square in Los Angeles, located across the street from a historic landmark, Angelus Funeral Home. We are currently located at
5792 W Jefferson Blvd #91 Los Angeles, CA 90016.